Kaydon IT Performs for New England Studios

Fort Devens, the old Army base in Western MA, is taking on a different purpose with the just completed construction of New England Studios. The 146,000 square foot complex is spread over six buildings that include four- 18,000 square foot sound stages. The development includes production support space, two mill buildings to house set construction facilities and room for lighting and storage. Over 75,000 feet of conduit was used for the cutting-edge telecom and the electrical distribution systems. That equates to 14 miles of IT that will carry over 400,000 ft. of telecom and electric wiring approximating 76 miles of communications capacity. Over 7 1/2 miles of highly specialized 4 ft. wide sound inhibiting insulation blankets the interior walls and roof. These are the critical elements for sustaining state of the art industry sound rating.

Kaydon IT designed and installed the access control, intrusion and CCTV infrastructure. Overall, the project took 2000 man hours to lay copper and fiber backbone interconnects between three campus buildings. Access control systems for 30 doors and IP camera surveillance system with 40 cameras led to complex programming and integration between access control and cameras. Also installed was an intrusion detection system with almost a hundred zones.

The building also has many environmentally friendly features, including the use of recycled metals and other recycled building materials, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems, and rain gardens designed to absorb runoff rainwater in the parking lot.